"Colourist and trainer Simon Walker, will show how colour grading techniques are used in film, and will provide practical demonstrations how to create moods, suggest genres, and to inform the audience of the motivations of on-screen protagonists without using dialogue."

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Colour Grading for Visual Storytelling: a one day seminar with Simon Walker

 An inspiring look at aspects of colour grading and colour correction for editors, film-makers, post production artists and producers.

This seminar will get you thinking like a colourist and is designed to give you the insight and tools you need as a film-maker or producer to capture the right look for your film, documentary, short, commercial or on-line video. During the seminar, Simon analyses images and gets to the heart of what makes a successful grade, covering story exposition using visual language and how grading can change the mood and atmosphere of a film.
Simon will then show how you can apply these principles and techniques to your own work, whichever software you use to colour correct and grade.
Seminar Overview
Colour Correction| contrast, colour space, auto balance, analysing images, primary corrections, YUV vs RGB, saturation, scopes, monitoring, compression and noise
Grading | secondary corrections, using masks and keys, skin tones, memory colours, matching hues, consistency between shots
Recipes for preset looks and grades | bleach bypass, orange and teal, complimentary colours, flat & low contrast looks, day for night, time of day, mixing light
Workflow/productivity | working faster, productivity shortcuts, using plugins, fast methods to achieve filmic visuals including setting up and adjusting custom presets
During the seminar Simon will be showing how these techniques can be applied using Apple and Adobe software (including Final Cut Pro 7, Color, Final Cut X, Premiere Pro CS5.5 and After Effects CS5.5), and will show how you can save production time using Red Giant's Magic Bullet Suite of plug-ins (incl. Magic Bullet Looks, Colorista II, Mojo and Cosmo).
As well as crafting the Master Artists for Looks preset pack, Simon designed and configured the in-built presets in Red Giant's flagship grading software Magic Bullet Looks 2, and will share secrets of how to make successful presets... on a deadline!
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