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Final Cut Friday: Using the Fill Light Tool in Magic Bullet Looks

Red Giant QuickTip #37: Using the Fill Light Tool in Magic Bullet Looks from Red Giant Software on Vimeo.

It's Final Cut Friday. Again! In this week's tutorial, I show how to work faster whilst grading using the Fill Light tool in Magic Bullet Looks, which can be more accurate than using the contrast sliders in Final Cutʼs 3 Way Color Corrector filter.




Creating Broadcast Graphics in FCP

I've recorded another video tutorial showing how Final Cut Pro can combine with Red Giant Software's Magic Bullet Looks to quickly create broadcast style graphics. 

You can download the timeline here:



Grading Workshop @ BeyondHD event

Along with ace colorist Kevin Shaw, I'm presenting a grading workshop at the BeyondHD event at Ravensbourne in London on Sat 27th & Sun 27th Feb.

Visual styles and looks which complement your film: Simon Walker will discuss how film genres are defined by grading and how colour palettes are used in film. He will look at story exposition through this visual language and how grading can change the mood and atmosphere of a film. He will then move into discussing techniques for FCP and Color that can be used on low-end systems and then scaled up to use on the larger systems at higher resolutions.

He will help you to identify problems that are highlighted by HD, 2K and 4K resolutions (including, skin, hair, make-up, and set dressing) and how to address these problems with grading. He will also give practical advice and shortcuts for grading more quickly and efficiently with an introduction to popular colour grading software packages.

Simon will be demonstrating the limitations of Final Cut Pro for grading and how you can extend FCP with the Magic Bullet Suite of plug-ins by Red Giant Software. These plug-ins can significantly speed up your workflow by giving you access to powerful primary, and secondary correction tools as well as fast ways to correct and adjust video using a keyer and power masks to accurately isolate areas for correction, all from within Final Cut Pro.

For the Beyond HD event, Red Giant Software have kindly released a discount code of 25% off every product on the Red Giant website. The coupon code must be entered during the checkout phase at and expires on 1st March 2011
The code is: BeyondHD25.


For more information about the event:


UKFCPUG on Thurs 24th Feb in London

Come along to the UK Final Cut Pro User Group meeting in London on Thurs 24th Feb.

The night will open with half an hour of Final Cut Pro Tips and Tricks and will also feature product demonstrations and technology talk about the latest going's on in the digital video scene.

The theme is TOYS so bring along something to show and talk about. It could be a camera, a tripod or light, or something rare and unusual.

There will be plenty of time for networking and exchanging information

AJA will show off the Ki Pro Mini, the 10 bit 4:2:2 portable ProRes Recorder, and they will have an Io Express to give away!

I'm also dong a short presentation on Final Cut:

How to be a faster editor in FCP: Simon Walker will talk about how to speed up your editing in Final Cut Pro, sharing tips not only about how to make your workflow more efficient, but also how to avoid having to use those evil keyframes!

More info here:


FCP Friday - Working with Filters

It's Final Cut Friday (again)! In this tip I show you how to work more efficiently with filters in the Final Cut Pro interface, with techniques for showing and hiding the Filters Bar overlay, so you can see at a glance which of your shots has filters applied.


Red Giant QuickTip #31: Showing the Filter Bar in Final Cut Pro from Red Giant Software on Vimeo.





Final Cut Fridays: New Tutorial on Managing Looks Presets

It's Final Cut Friday again over on the Red Giant Software site. In this week's tip, I show how to quickly create and manage custom presets when using Magic Bullet Looks and Magic Bullet PhotoLooks, and how these are automatically shared across the host applications.

If you use Looks or Photolooks, and create your own presets, this tip will save you a lot of time.


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