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Free Red Giant FCP Workshops @ IBC

Red Giant Software is hosting FREE workshops at the IBC SuperMeet. I'll be demonstrating the new Colorista IIMagic Bullet GrinderMagic Bullet Looks and Magic Bullet Mojo, and will show how you can work with presets to create eye-popping grades in seconds. I'll be demonstrating DSLR workflows using Magic Bullet Grinder, which helps you get video out of your camera and onto your timeline fast, but at high quality and in edit friendly formats. 

I'll also be showing a first look at Red Giant's latest plug-in, which they will be announcing at IBC.

Attendees to each session receive free presets for Magic Bullet Looks and a special IBC discount code for Red Giant plug-ins.

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Jul032010 course teaching Red Giant plug-ins in Final Cut Pro

I've joined the faculty at! I'm teaching about Red Giant Software plug-ins and how they can help Final Cut Pro editors perform graphical and compositing tasks quickly while still maintaining quality.

Here's a more detailed description of the course:

Taught by Apple Certified Master Trainer Simon Walker, this course is aimed at Final Cut Pro editors who need to improve and enhance footage, add flourishes, stylise shots, and perform post production and compositing tasks…. all on a deadline.

These days, the lines between disciplines are blurring, and art directors and producers are asking more and more from their editors. With the advance of computing power and software capability, the offline and online edits have merged to become the craft edit, where many shots are treated in situ on the timeline. But there's not always the time (or the budget!) to switch over to your favourite graphics or grading program to complete the job, and it's not always practical for the modern editor to become the master of multiple programs to be able to complete their work.

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Digital Production Buzz interview

Larry Jordan interviewed me on the buzz this week - you can listen to the interview here:

Simon Walker is a freelance trainer based in London. The world of training is changing, both in response to new technology and the needs of students. It isn't enough to know applications, editors now need to know the plug-ins that work with those applications. We invited Simon to visit this week to talk about training in the UK, the importance of plug-ins, and whether shooting and editing video on an iPhone marks the beginning of the end of professional editing.


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