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Hobgoblin music video


I shot, edited and graded this short film, featuring Tony Seeger of Seraph Harp Guitars playing his own composition Hobgoblin on one of the Harp Guitars he designs and builds. 

The film reflects the story of the music - a former circus performer is pursued by his own inner demons, until he finally has no strength left to fight them, and accepts their permanent presence in his consciousness. 

It was shot in High Definition with 35mm lenses using the Letus Extreme adapter. It was edited using Final Cut Pro, to match the shots to the different musical themes in the piece, which portray the character's journey and the then graded using Apple Color and Red Giant Software's Magic Bullet Looks. The saturated colours chosen in the grade were designed to reflect the mental turmoil the central character is enduring, whilst conveying a stylised semi-dream state to the viewer.

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